Rules of the RP!

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Rules of the RP!

Post  Gear on Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:11 pm

The following are rules of the actual roleplay. We enjoy messing around some of the time but remember, this is a serious roleplay. Goofing off all the time will get you kicked and constant misbehaving will get you banned. The actual roleplay takes place on an IRC channel once you get a bio ok'd by the admins feel free to scene.


1.Listen to the admins, what they say goes.
2.Any sideplots must be cleared with the admins before anything happens
3.Keep the memes to a minimum, they may seem funny to you but they are annoying
4.If you had a bad day, keep it to yourself or take it to PM
5.Please keep problems from otherplaces out, there's enough drama as it is
6.No racism PERIOD! Any acts of such will result in an instant ban
7.Don't annoy the admins, they have enough to deal with
8.Respect the other players, they deserve the same respect as you
9.No god moding, it has to be fun for everybody
10.Do not spam, it is really annoying
11.The rules can change at anytime, do not argue if you are told so


1.Powers are limited to feature characters unless approved with reason
2.An outside source such as chaos emeralds are required
3.they are not unlimited, the more they are use the weaker the person becomes not use any power that is not in the bio
5.magic is greatly limited, and you cannot learn it
7.time travel is only for fearture characters that require it
8.Your character cannot learn out to fly or run super fast, it's unfair if everyone can magically outrun everything.
9.Not everyone can use the chaosemeralds

Zone Travel

1.There is a Moebius, travel is limited
2.A character must have the technology to enter zones
3.Not everyone has an alternate version, that just causes chaos
4.Only admins can control Zone Cops
5.Any movement between the two zone must require admin permission
6.Characters cannot come from Moebius, don't even bother asking


1.The technology on Mobius may be advance, but it's not some super machine
2.A machine cannot be built in seconds, ask an admin and they will give a timeline
3.Not everyone is a genius mechanic, no master mechanics that can solve anyproblem
4.Technology has it's limits, it breaks deal with it
5.There is no alien technology!

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