First scene: Shadow asks Sally a faver.

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First scene: Shadow asks Sally a faver.

Post  Ashes Darkmare on Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:29 pm

15[18:09] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5It was all like yesterday when her world seem to have fallen a part. But it been many weeks after the Xorda had been defeated and no signs of there hero... they search ground zero and search and search, Tails hasn't stop searching even after the fact that Knothole Kingdom had made a statue that was dedicated to Sonic, 6-4Cut6-
15[18:09] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 14-12Continued14- 5that would only have memories of a fallen hero. And a certain Princess would visit this site almost everyday when taking a break from her royalty duties. She tell her brother or her father that she needed to take a walk in nature but would come here alot. "..." The Mobian ground squirrel would place her hands 6-4Cut6-
15[18:09] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 14-12Continued14- 5 on the statue looking up at it in thought.
[18:11] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4The princess was soon spotted by someone approaching the statue, pausing in his steps for a moment as if hinting at some hesitation. However, he soon moves once more, stepping towards the girl and the statue of her lover. "I figured I'd find you here." His voice was dark and cold, that frown still plastered on his expression. This was Shadow the Hedgehog, ==
[18:13] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4the first one to actually confront the Xorda and spread the news of the attack beforehand. The once enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog made strong steps, raidating that air of stiffness and seriousness.
15[18:15] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 4"huh?"5 Sally would look towards Shadow with her blue eyes of hers.4 "Oh Shadow."5 She looks away what seem like she was wiping stuff out of her eyes.4 "Can I help you with something?"
[18:16] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4"You've been visiting this statue for quite some time now." The hedgehog said, still with a tone that lacks compassion. "... were you crying?"
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15[18:20] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 4"Oh me? No, no, I just had something stuck in my eyes."5 she says at that though lieing a little.4 "why you curious about me visiting here?"
[18:22] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4The hedgehog crossed his arms, staying silent for the moment. Soon, he turns his head to look towards the statue of the Blue Blur, someone he knew well enough. "... I know what it feels like to lose someone." Another brief pause. "Hmph. What a foolish person he was. Throwing his own life like that."
15[18:26] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5The squirrel wenches at them words.4 "I can never see Sonic like that. He always risk his life to save me and everyone else, it came second nature with him. I wish he could just pop out from no where right now and surprise me with a chili dog or something." She chuckles even though she never like chili dogs.
[18:30] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4"Hmph. I don't understand what you people see in him." Honestly, Sonic's carefree attitude can annoy the hedgehog - what with their personalities being very different that they would clash in that way. "... but I guess... I can understand why he did it. Sonic... He made me see the 'truth'; made me realize that what I did back then was wrong."
15[18:37] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5Sally would look at Shadow for a moment.4 "...Well Sonic had touch us in many ways really even if some wont realize it, until its to late."5 The wind would blow a little through her auburn hair as she looks up at the statue again. She hasn't gave up hope but she would more or less keep that to herself.
[18:39] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4"... perhaps." The hedgehog shakes his head at this. "I don't really understand the blue hedgehog very much." He then turns to face the princess again. "... but for all its worth: ... you have my sympathies."
15[18:42] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5Sally was quiet for a moment but then looks at Shadow4 "Thank you Shadow."5 The squirrel would be quiet again.4 "So what did you originally come looking for me for?"
[18:45] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4"... answers." The hedgehog simply said. "I was told you have access to a lot of technology. I want to know if you hold any records from fifty years ago."
15[18:58] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5Sally raised an eyebrow at this.4 "50 years ago? I could try and get NICOLE to get access into any archives that chronicled back then." she would respond to that.
[19:01] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4"Good." The hedgehog then crosses his arms once more. "I want to know of... Professor Gerald Robotnik."
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15[19:07] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5Sally would give it a shot.4 "NICOLE, can you search up any records of Professor Gerald Robotnik 50 years ago if you can?"5 There be a short pause before the computer makes a response.6 "Searching now, Sally."5 Sally would stand there looking at the palm top screen as it scans data.
[19:08] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4The hedgehog would just wait there, staying quiet.
15[19:32] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5And then...6 "Negative Sally..."4 "huh...why?"6 "I look into our archives we had nothing about him. So I look into other data bases around us for info, there only a few places there maybe info about him, but risky for alot of his data on him have been lock and key away by two powers the G.U.N. and the Eggman Empire."5 6-4Cut6-
15[19:32] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 14-12Continued14- 6Sally sighs to this4 "Any info that is not fully classified?"6 "Yes Sally getting it now."5 And it shows Professor Gerald about his date of birth and year of death, the Space Colony Ark, and relatives which was Maria Robotnik(R.I.P) Doctor Ivo Robotnik, Snively Kintobor etc and a recording copy of the 6-4Cut6-
15[19:32] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 14-12Continued14- 5criptic message Gerald left for the world when the ARK was having a nose dive towards Mobius, which Shadow would know already.
[19:34] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4His frown deepens at this. "I know all of that already. Isn't there anything beyond that?"
15[19:40] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5Sally shakes her head. "NICOLE try getting access into the Empire's data base?"6 "I'll give it a try." and the AI in the palmtop be busy trying to crack it for access. "Negative Sally I can't seem to break into Empire data base, it tougher to get access then it was Robotropolis."4 "looks like there not much I can do at the moment, NICOLE will keep trying would you?"6 "Yes Sally I can try."
[19:44] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4"I do not have time for waiting." The hedgehog soon turns away from her, crossing his arms once more. "So the Doctor has the answers I want, huh? Then my path is set. I will go to the Doctor and ask him PERSONALLY."
15[19:48] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5Sally would watch Shadow go.4 "Uh... good luck Shadow."5 She kinda felt bad she couldn't help him much, but would shake her head a bit watching him leave.
15[19:51] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5Sally would watch Shadow go.4 "Uh... good luck Shadow."5 She kinda felt bad she couldn't help him much, but would shake her head a bit watching him leave. But then she thought for a moment.4 "Shadow wait!" -repost due to edit-
[19:51] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4"I don't need 'luck'." He points out with his usual tone of voice, still not facing the princess. "I am the 'Ultimate Lifeform'. The Doctor -will- give me the answers I want." And with that, he would start to walk away.
[19:51] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4(Oh ff)
[19:51] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4"I don't need 'luck'." He points out with his usual tone of voice, still not facing the princess. "I am the 'Ultimate Lifeform'. The Doctor -will- give me the answers I want." And with that, he would start to walk away, but then suddenly gets called back. "What?".
15[19:58] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5Sally would frown. "Shadow, isn't it a bad idea to do it alone? It rather dangerous."
[20:01] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4The hedghog turns his head to the side, looking at the girl. He doesn't understand most people around here. They don't know him, yet they seem to worry about him. He was not Sonic, and it was a fact that he actually tried to destroy Mobius back then. "I appreciate your concerns but... I -am- the Ultimate Lifeform. Even Doctor Robotnik would understand what ==
[20:01] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4he'll be up against."
15[20:08] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 4"Are you sure about that Shadow?" she says with concurn. "I know you're the Ultimate Lifeform, but when Sonic was around I never thought anyone would be able to destroy him and he would always come back...But then he gone."
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[20:11] <+Shado`za`Hedjihoggu> 4"But I am not the blue hedgehog. I am Shadow the Hedgehog." The hedgehog turns his head away from the princess again. "I -will- find out who I AM." And with that, the hedgehog soon starts walking again, going into a suicidal mission in the eyes of most people who know Eggman.
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15[20:30] <%Ashes_Darkmare> 5Sally watches Shadow go away and the squirrel would start to sob quietly again. -fade-
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