Falcon Charater List

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Falcon Charater List

Post  Falcon on Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:35 pm


  • Adraham Tower


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Commander Adrahm Tower is a Human that has two different eye colors. The left eye is green while the right eye is brown. His human skin color is peach and is 6.2 feet tall. Commander Tower is a male.

Chief Commander Adrahm Tower has a very military discipline. He stays quite unless he has something to say. He always respected other people opinions, even though he might disagree. Being in the Great War, and the relocation of Humanity, he has developed a sense of patience

Tower cam from a poor family that was located in the far farm lands. When he turned 16, he ran away from home and went to the major cities. After spending 5 years in the cities, he got a education.

After getting a education, he enlisted into the Navy. As a low rank enlisted man, he served on many ships. he served on 3 tours fighting Kingdom of Acorn on many different Overlander navy ships. On his first tour, he help fight off a Kingdom of Acorn attack off the coast of Human cities. During a battle, he saved his commanding officer when their ship was boarded. By the end of three none stop tours, he rose to the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer.

After all three tours, the Military leadership saw Tower true potential, and they trasnfered him into officer school. After one years of officer school, he graduate first of his class, and command a weapons station on the warship Linkin for four years. During these two years he served in many battle groups to hunt down any Acorn outlaws attacking Human cities. When he left the Linkin, he was a full out Lieutenant Commander.

After the defeat of the Overlanders, he commanded the 3rd Human battle Group of human refugees to a new home. While on this new planet, he rallied the people of this new colony and tried to survive. Some credit Tower because if he was not in charge of that colony, the colonist would of not survived the eleven years.

When their supplies were almost out, he help led his fleet (joined by many other Human fleets) back to Earth to start over. When they reach Earth, he becmae the new top head of the newly formed GUNs armed forces.

With the arrival of the Xorda and the attack on the Eggman empire, Tower orders GUN forces to join in the fight. During the battle of the Southern Tundra, he ordered the 1st Marine Battalion to aid in any means. Personally watching over the deployment and resupplyment, Chief Commander Tower witnessed the supposed death of Sonic. Without a single mentioned he returned to his duties and help with the recover progress.


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Re: Falcon Charater List

Post  Falcon on Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:01 pm

Name: Kelly J. Moore ((Approved))

Rank: Major

Branch: Marines

Unit: 5th Division, 5th Corps, 24th Brigade, 3rd Ghost Reginment, 3rd Ghost Unit
Age: 24

hair/furcolor: Pink

Eyes: Green eyes
Sex: Female
Hight: 5,7 ft
Race: Human

Office Cloths:
Color: black (while collar/gloves)

Civilian Cloths:
Blue Pants
Red, black, blue T-shirts
cap sometimes

Kelly Moore has a sharp mind, thinks fast, and acts fast. When she gets a idea stuck in her head, it is very hard for her to change her mind. Coming from a long military family history, she is well discipline with a "always can do attitude". Even though she has a very strong territorial values, she keeps close care of the people under her command. If anything, she is well know for being a smart ass and being a joker. When shes on the frontline or in any since of danger, she autopmaticly changes personalities to a more careful, quite person, doesn't take crape from anyone. Even though being a smart ass, she will never talk about what she seen a colony moon called Unifan. Some believed this is why she is very territorial and keeps a close eye on everyone under her command. When people ask about her history, she never answers, she just goes quite and glances away, even changes the subject.

Kelly Moore was born on 3212 at a small outskirt town called Paminad. When the Great War started, she was ten years old. Both of her parents were drafted into the Overlander Armed Forces. Because her parents were on the frontlines, she was sent too many different foster homes that were close to the frontlines. When she was fourteen, the Kingdom of Acorn attacked the town where she was. The few defenders quickly fell by the vast numbers of Acorn soldiers. After the battle, the town was in ruins with bodies from both sides everywhere. Unit the end of the Great War, the town was occupation by Acorn forces. She, with many other survivors were stuck here as prisoners.

After the war, she joined the rest of Humanity and left Earth for a new home. When she turned eighteen, she enlisted into the Colonial Guard, following her family military footsteps. While being in the Guard, she help settlements develop, enforce what little law there was.

When slave traders attacked a moon colony called Unifan with a population of 67 colonists was attacked. Her 10-man unit was sent in to find out what happened. When they reached the colony, they found none of the colonists. The slave traders ambushed the unit, killing three, and destroying their shuttle. Two of her men tried to run away, refusing orders to fall back into a building; both were captured and never seen again. During the battle, the unit was forced to take cover into a building. The battle lasted for two days, and Kelly keep ordering the unit to hid in new places, only having brief contact with the slave traders. This tactic work up until they walked into another ambushed. One of the soldiers walked on a land mind and died. The rest of the unit was scared. Kelly (being the closest to the mine) was blown through a window into were the slave traders keep the colonists. All the 30 remaining colonists were dead. This is where she fought off three slave traders with only a Combat Knife, winning the fight with two wounds (one in the left leg, right arm). After that, she walked around the town, looking for anyone left of her unit.

[Major Radic After Action Report: The state of her unit is unknown, Kelly J. Moore refused to explain what she saw. In addition, she refused to explain what she saw about the colonists. Only 30 colonists were record to be at the colony when the search and rescue team arrived. It is believed the remaining colonists were disfigured in some way. The backup unit found half the colony was burned town, including the one with the dead colonists. The back up team found Kelly Moore sitting next to her dead buried unit. Another note, the backup unit found 51 unknown slave traders all around the colony.].

When Humanity came back to Earth, Kelly followed. She was part of the first military recon team to secure the area for the colony ships. Then Humanity reunited into the United Federation, she joined the newly formed GUNS as a Captain. Right before the Xorda attacked Earth, she joined the Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2. When the Xorda attacked, her Special Force was sent in to help the military forces at the Quantum Dial. During the operation, her unit acted as a major diversion, allowing the other military forces in the area to follow up on their missions. After the battle, she was promoted to Major.

skills: Hand to Hand training, leadership, sniper/spotter, pilot,

weapons: Barrett REC7, MEU(SOC) pistol, Designated Marksman Rifle,

technology: LGJ78 MK3 Combat Suit, Future Force Warrior, Duck Tap, Night vision, thermal vision


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