Krystals' character list

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Krystals' character list

Post  SnowWolf on Sun Jan 24, 2010 1:55 am

Name: Krystal ((approved))

Age: 14

hair/furcolor: snow white

appearance: Krystal is like an girl her age, young, fit and attractive. Most of her body is covered in show white fur with the exception being the black stripes that wrap around her body. Always exercising her body is kept fir and alluring, the guys just can’t help but stare. Yet when they do they’re met with her deep blue eyes glaring as if studying your every muscle.

As for her attire she normally wears blue shorts that drape just past her knees and a black vest that sometimes hangs open. Around her waist is a belt with multiple patches that she carried almost everything on and if it doesn’t fit it goes into the pack she carries around. On her arms from the wrist halfway to the elbow she normally wears wrappings protecting her arms from the fight. However, on her right hand it covers a mark that may or may not reveal who she is. To her it’s just a scratch but it may be something a whole lot more.

personality: With her past Krystal is very particular about those around her. With her biggest fear being turned away after having developed any kind of relationships she sys away from them thus leaving her alone in the world. Even when a boy she somewhat likes approaches her she remains shy and avoids them. However, despite all of this loneliness and avoidance there are two things she desperately wants.

Those two things are a family and a home. In her whole life she has never had either one and that’s why she continually searches for them, if only she was able to let someone in this journey may come to an end/

Backstory: Krystal knows very little of her past or her family. The first memory she has is being pulled from the rubble of a building in a small village. The people were very kind to her and took her in but none of them knew who this girl was. The only hint they have was a single tag that read Krystal, so that became her name.

As she grew older her life became more and more complicated. Boy started to look at her differently and she started to look at them. That was until she found the one she thought would be with her forever. In his arms she felt safe and welcome, that nothing could ever harm her. That was until she learned the harsh truth, the whole relationship was a joke. He was playing it up for his friends and when she confronted him denied it.

Although she wanted to believe him it just could not continue, so he was shoved away leaving her in tears. As time went on she was passed from family to family around the entire village, and when she came of age she decided she has had enough of it and left the next morning.
That was three years ago, and now at age fourteen she searches for something she desperately desires, a welcome home and family. Her journeys have take her through battlefields between the resistance and Eggman forces. She fought against foes that disguised themselves as friends, only to give her a great distrusts in everyone. To this day she continues to wander looking for a place for her and even though there are plenty of open doors, she cowers away in fear of loosing what she gains.

powers: Krystal has no powers what so ever. However, she does have razor sharp claws that can tear through soft tissue and great skill at hand to have combat along with some skill at melee weapons.

skills: With her time alone wandering Mobius, Krystal has developed the skills to live off the land. She can hold her own in a fight and prevent herself from suffering from dangerous injuries.

weapons: The only weapons this cat possesses are the razor sharp claws on each of her hands. Although she shy away from most people, those who get to close get a pretty good clawing.

technology: The only technology she possesses are the items she carries with her. Hardly classifiable as high tech the small tidbits such as a knife or rope are the only bits of technology she needs.


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