How to make a bio...

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How to make a bio...

Post  Gear on Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:20 pm

In order to have a character you must create a bio and notify the admins that you have made it. Then an admin will say wether or not is has to ok. If you have questions feel free to ask anyone. There are two different types of characters, feature characters like Sonic, Tails, and Shadow. Then there are original characters, which are yours do decide. Please specify wether or not it's an FC or an OC, some people know but not everyone does. For each person their is allowed only two feature characters and unlimited original characters (this may change in the future), each bio must receive the ok from two admins before you are allowed to roleplay.

Bio Creation

Bios are what tells us about your characters, without them you are essentially playing a faceless pawn. The bios require: appearance (what they look like), personality (what they act like), backstory (where they come from) and powers (what kind of powers do they have). Relationships, skills, weapons are optional but are prefered. We want to know who your character is and what they will be doings., and all bios will be graded by the admins to decide whether they are acceptible. If you have any problems or want to discuss something ask the admins, we may act weird but we know what we're doing.












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