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The Prince is back!

Post  Dello on Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:01 pm

<@Tails> 7It's a cold day in the great forest as young Miles wanders around. With the cold breeze it's one of the few times he actually wears and clothing but it's just a jacket. Huddled him he makes his way towards his shop. Turning the curve in the path he paused to look around at the trees and seeing an occasional bird just smirked, it's a good day for this little fox.
01[22:11] <Elias> 5Emerging from the thickets would be a pwasent squirrel, though Tails would recognize him as more then just a peasent, Elias would sit on a fallen tree, he was making a descion that will change his life forever, he took no notice of Tails.
[22:13] <@Tails> 7Tails blinked wondering what was going on, and even rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Not wanting to disturb the "prince" he started to hover and snuck up behind him until he was very close then suddenly poked him to see if he was real.
01[22:15] <Elias> 14"Ahh!" 5Elias would grip his axe, ready to attack whatever snuck up on him 14"Oh..Miles, how have you and my sister been?"
[22:19] <@Tails> 7"YAAAHHHH!!!" seeing him grab the knive Tails grabbed onto the branch of a tree out of the squirrels reach "Y-y-your real?" tails still fluffed up he dropped to the ground "And it's Tails..." he would say with a frown not liking his real name ""I'm fine but Aunt Sally, never gets time out of the castle..." his ears leveled out at that "She never has fun anymore..."

01[22:25] <Dusty> 5Elias would frown 14"She must be depressed about Sonic, my village got wind of it not long ago." 5Elias would put his axe back on his back 14"Mi...Tails, I...I've been considering returning, for good this time."
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[22:28] <@Tails> 7"Sonic is still alive!" Tails would yell defensively..." frowning he glared at the prince not liking his words "He'll come back he always does..." hearing the last bit his ears twitched "Seriously...does Aunt Sally know?" if Elias came back that would mean Sally wouldn't have such a work lord which means she can have fun again.
01[22:31] <Elias> 14"All we heard was that he went missing, no one told us he was dead." 5Elias would sigh a little 14"I'm not sure I want Sally to know, not yet at least, I don't really have much holding me back, my wife said she'd be willing to come back with me, and maybe my daughter would be better off raised in the palace."
[22:32] <@Tails> 7Tails looked up at him with determined eyes "Aunt Sally needs you, she's going crazy with all of the stuff that's going on, I keep seeing her cry and she won't tell me why..." little does he know it's because of him "She needs someone that understands her!"
01[22:34] <Elias> 5Elias' eyes would well up a little, he'd try to hold it back, but he shed a few tears. 14"..." 5Elias would wipe his face a little 14"Come wih me to my village Tails, Megan is ready to leave..."
[22:37] <@Tails> 7Tails nodded "Want me to get the Tornado?" he had no idea what was wrong with the prince but what ever it was he was willing to help. Determined as ever he looked up at the prince standing straight, he was definatly the son of his parents...whereever they were.
01[22:41] <Elias> 5Elias would shake his head 14"The village is not safe to land in, plus it's only walking distance." 5Elias would smile as he saw Tails at attention 14"My father told me all about your parents, that your dad was one of his greatest soldiers, and best friends." 5Elias would continue into the thickets, a few woodsman would nod at him as he passed them.

[22:45] <@Tails> 7Tails followed him now curious :You're dad knew mine?" he's never actually met his dad, only heard stories and apart from a few pictures have never even seem him "I never met him, he disappeared the day I was born..."

01[22:52] <Dello> 14"Yeah, your father was a general in Knothole's army, the best my father ever had apparently, he, Sonic's father, and my father were inseperable as kids he said." 5 Eventually, the two would come upon a small village, and a very pregnant squirrel. 7Elias, glad to see you're back, have you-oh, who's this?"
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[23:04] <@Tails> 7Tails head hung low, his father was a hero and he never got to meat him. Letting out a sigh he continued to follow. He was still really down about the fact his parents were still missing after all this time. Hearing the female voice he looked up tilting his head questionably. Looking at at the woman he blinked not really sure what to say.
01[23:06] <Dusty> 14"This is Tails, he is a close friend of my sister. Tails, this is my wife Megan, and this" 5Elias would rub her bulging belly 14"Is my child." 7"It's good to meet you Tails, we heard about Sonics disappearance, has he turned up yet?"
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[23:07] <@Tails> 7Tails smiled a little "It
[23:07] <@Tails> (more)
[23:07] <@Tails> 7Tails smiled a little "It's nice to meet you..." shaking his head he let out a sigh "I havn't found him yet...everyone says he's dead, only me and Aunt Sally know he's alive..." and if anyone says different they'll get a mouth full.
01[23:09] <Elias> 7"Dead? Oh my...I should hope not!" 5Elias would nod at that 14"Yes, it's sort of because of Sonic that...That I decided I am returning to Knothole."
[23:11] <@Tails> 7Tails looked up at him with a nod "i'm sure Aunt Sally will be happy when she finds out." he gave a grin to that. Standing there he rocked back and forth on his heels waiting for something to happen. Ever since he was with Sonic he has become v ery impatient.
01[23:14] <Elias> 5Elias would start towards his home 14"I should dress a little more proper for this occasion." 5Various villager would be hugging, kissing, high-fiving, and hand-shaking Elias as he passed, Elias went into the home, packed everything in two bags, they didn't have much, save for one outfit, his outfit he always wore as prince, first, he put on the white pants, then he buttoned up his royal <C>
01[23:16] <Elias> 5Blue shirt, finally, he put on his blue boots, he looked like royalty now, as Elias walked out of the home, he was greeted by a hug from his wife, and cheers from all the villagers 14"I am ready Tails..."

[23:26] <@Tails> 7Tails waited outside as he packed the bags curious as to why everyone was celebrating, shrugging it off he nodded when Elias came back out side. Smiling he offered to take the bags knowing full well a prince doesn't carry his own least that's how it was done in stories, either way he started to hover using his tails next to him waiting for him to start walking.
01[23:28] <Elias> 5ELias would hand him the bags and wrap his arm around Megan, he would start out of the forest, the woodsman cheering as well.
[23:30] <@Tails> 7Tails just followed them lower to the ground being weighed down by the bags "Heheh, won't Aunt Sally be surprised." the young fox was smiling ear to ear knowing full well that she'd be over joyed to see her brother after so long.
01[23:32] <Elias> 5Elias would have a wide smile on his face as he started toards the gate of Knothole 2"It's Prince Elias!!!" 5People would be swarming towards the gate to see him, they began to cheer as they saw him, he just smiled, waved, and held Megan tightly.
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[23:41] <@Tails> 7Tails just continued to follow barely using his strenght, these bags are heavy but not as heavy as Sonic. Even with that he couldn't wait to set the bags down, they really were a strain on his arms "I don't know if Aunt Sally is even here, she's been really busy..."
[23:46] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4And a certain Ground Squirrel would be coming outside wondering what the comotion that is going on outside. "What is going on out here?" Sally would then spot Tails and then... she gasps.
01[23:51] <Elias> 5Elias would wave and shake hands, until he saw his dear sister, he gave Megan a kiss and started running towards Sally. 14"Sally!"
[23:55] <@Tails> 7Tails set one of the bags down and pointed towards Elias "He did it..." the young fox seemed to be worried about Sallys reaction, was he going to get in trouble...again? Landing on the ground he waited expecting something to happen that would be bad for the both of them.
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[00:05] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4Sally would yell "Brother!!" and she runs over giving Elias a hug. "Oooh Brother I missed you!"
01[00:07] <Elias> 5Elias would hug Sally back 14"I missed you too Sally!" 7Megan would slowly come over, she was /very/ weak from pregnancy "Hello Sally!" 14"Sally, this is Megan, my wife, and this is my child." 5Elias would rub Megan's stomach.
[00:12] <@Tails> 7Tails just let out a sigh as his head hung although he forced a smirk for the happy family. Very few people would be able to tell he was actually feeling terrible inside knowing full well that he'll go home to somebody elses family.

01[00:25] <Elias> 7Megan and Elias would giggle, but a splashing noise would be heard "AGGGHH!!!! E-Elias! It's time!!!!" 5Elias would grab onto her before she fell 14"Oh god...Really?! Get a doctor!" 5Elias would help her to the ground.
[00:29] <@Tails> 7Tails heard the sound and looked up in a panic. Using his tails he darted around trying to find a doctor, any doctor "Is anybody a doctor!?" he would yell through cupped hands, as he flew the young fox seemed to be in a panic as he had no idea what was going on.
[00:37] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4Sally gasps "Oh dear... Hang in there Magen!" she looks to her guards. "call for a doctor!" and those big brutes go running off.
01[00:40] <Elias> 7Megan would already start to push, a few vilagers would give Elias a nice cool wet towel, Elias would place it on her head "AAAAAH!!!" 14"Keep cool Megan, just push and breathe!" 7Megan would grab his collar "SHUT UP AND GET ME SOME ANASTHETIC!!!"
[00:46] <@Tails> 7Tails continued to fly around trying to find a doctor only to give up and flying towards them trying to find something to do to help. He was in a panic not realizing what was going on, boy was he going to be in for a big surprise.
[00:55] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4Sally would have someone come over with Anasthetic's and would put it in her to help her with the pregnency. "A Doctor should be coming soon!" Sally would say after hearing words from a guard.
01[00:56] <Elias> 7Megan would take a few deep inhales of the drug and would be much calmer. 5Elias would sigh with relief 14"Alright Megan, keep pushing, I can see the head!"
[00:58] <@Tails> 7Tails eyes widened and one of them began to twitch. With a look of discust on his face he looked at Megan, then Elias then finally Sally...looking back at he fell backwards hitting the ground with a thud passed out. That was something he did not want to see.
[01:02] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4"One more push Megan ONE MORE!!" Sally says as she had a towel prepare for the new born. Not even noticing of Tails passing out.
01[01:05] <Elias> 7"AAAAH!!!!" And with one final push, A beautiful, but slimy little squirrel emerged. 5Elias would smile as he laid eyes on his daughter for the first time, even beginning to cry tears of joy, Megan would join him in the 14"Alexis..."
[01:17] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4Sally would hold the baby in the towel and then place it over Megan to see. "I believe this is yours." she says to her with a smile.
01[01:20] <Elias> 7Megan would wipe her tears as she held her daughter. 2A a doctor and a team of nurses would come over and put the two on a gurney "We have to get the baby her injections." 5Elias would nod 14"I'll be along soon, I would like to speak with father first though." 2The doctor would race off with Megan and Alexis.
[01:22] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4Sally would nod "Go ahead, I'll deal wi-" she see Tails pass out. "Getting smelling salt for Tails..." she would go over to Tails side getting some smelling salt to wake Tails up.
01[01:25] <Elias> 5Elias would nod and start to march towards the Castle, more cheering would greet Elias, the guards would step aside, and Elias would enter the Throne Room, kneeling before he even looked up at his father, he wouldn't say anything quite yet.
[01:27] <@Tails> 7As soon as it was placed under his nose it started too twitch. Blinking he sat up looking around quickly "Who, what, where..." grabbing his head he gringed "Ahhh what happened!" he had a massive headache and he couldn't remember exactly what happened except for Megan on the ground and...he turned green at the memory of it "Aunt Sally...I don't feel good..."
[01:31] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4Sally giggles "...Megan went to the hospital with the new born baby, I'm an Auntie once more." she would say simply. Meanwhile... back at the ranch I mean castle.6 "Elias... you have return my son... where have you been all this time... and what happen outside just now?"
01[01:35] <Elias> 5Elias would look up to his father and smile 14"What just happend was that you became a grandfather...I have been living in that village Geoffrey St. John found me in father...I married, and outside just now, my wife gave birth to your first grandchild, her name is Alexis." 5Elias would still be tearing up and crying a bit, but anyone could tell they were tears of joy.
[01:39] <@Tails> 7"It's not funny I thi..." cheeks bulging out he turned and puked. For some the site of a child birth is beautiful but for him it was a discusting sight "Gah..." sitting there he didn't feel good at all, that's the last time he ever watches something like that for a long long time.
[01:45] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4"You was once like that once apound a time..." she sweatdrops at seeing Tails barf. "ewww..."6 King Max eyes lit up. "....Maaah boooi!" he comes over placing his hands on his shoulder. "I can't believe... My son gave me a granddaughter... I always wanted to be a grandfather." Max pratically forgotten how disapointed 6-4Cut6-
[01:45] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 14-12Continued14- 6he was right about now, over the fact he left the Acorns when he was really needed at one point of time. King Max just nods "So where is she with the mother?"
01[01:48] <Elias> 14"Megan and Alexis are in the hospital father, recouperating." 5Elias would stand and give his father a hug. 14"I'm staying father, nothing will stop me from leaving now, I will be your successor, as you always wanted."
[01:48] <@Tails> 7Tails blinked "You mean I was..." turning green again it looked like he was about to puke once more "That's just..." the discusted look returned to his face as he thought about i, then...leaning back over he puked again. Sitting back up he looked pale and out of energy, puking does that to a young fox.
[01:55] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4Sally nods her head and she come over and rub the poor kids back. Sighing a bit. "Yes...lets get you out of here." she would help Tails up and walk with him.6 King Max would grin and look happy. "Oh my Son... which means My granddaughter is in royalty as well!" he would hug his son. "Alicia would be so Happy! She taking a nap right now."
01[01:59] <Elias> 14"Perhaps we should wake her, this is a bit of a special occasion, wouldn't you think?" 5Elias would let his father go now 14"You will like Megan, she reminds me much of mother, she has a great heart."
[02:04] <@Tails> Tails groaned as he walked with her, and didn't feel like saying much. After puking like that there was very little energy left in his body, so much for the depression inside now it was just sickness plain and simple.
[02:04] <@Tails> 7Tails groaned as he walked with her, and didn't feel like saying much. After puking like that there was very little energy left in his body, so much for the depression inside now it was just sickness plain and simple.
[02:09] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 6Max would smirk "Well then, lets go wake her up together." He would start walking towards the stairs.4 Sally would be giving Tails a bottle of water to help wash out the yucky taste.
01[02:11] <Elias> 5Elias would race ahead of his father up the stairs, eager to bring the news to his mother, Elias would stop at his mother's bedroom and open the door, he would carefully walk to his mother and kiss her cheek 14"Mother, I'm back, for good...And I have wonderful news."

[02:17] <@Tails> 7Tails took the water and gulped it down finishing it with a burp "Thanks Aunt Sally..." letting out a sigh he nodded "Well, I should go, you should be with your brother..." looking at her he gave a smile despite the fact it hurt, alot.
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[02:20] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 13Elias and Sally's mum would sit up in her nightgawn when seeing her boy. "Elias!" she hugs him. "I miss you... what news?"6 Max was gunna let his son spill the beans.4 Sally nods "Alright Tails... sorry you had to get sick like that." even though it was kinda amusing but... she kept that to herself.
01[02:21] <Elias> 14"You're a grandmother!" 5Elias would hold her tightly. 14"I missed you too."
[02:23] <@Tails> 7Tails nodded "Later Aunt Sally..." with another smile he slowly started to walk away towards Sonics home. It seems that through all the trouble Sally is one of the lucky ones, her family is in one piece, while he never even knew his.
[02:32] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 13"Elias...oh my goodness!" she hugs her son. "Elias I am so happy!"4 Sally would walk off to meet with the family once more and well the family together!
01[02:33] <Elias> 14"Would you both like to meet my wife and daughter?"
[02:44] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4The Parents would nod to this as they would love to. Sally would walk over. "Yeah lets go see them as a family, since they are now part of our family."6 "Our Daughter has a point there."
01[02:47] <Elias> 5Elias would smile, and once everyone was ready, Elias would lead them out of the castle, and into the hospital, past the ER, the OR, and into the maternity ward, where they would see a happy mother squirrel with her little girl 7"There's daddy, and Auntie, and..." Megan would smile "Grandmother and Grandfather."
[02:51] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 6And of course the Grandparents would be all over there granddaughter going all awwwww over her. Sally just stands there beside her brother smiling. She was happy but... a part of her was thinking about Tails... that moment but shakes the thought.
01[02:56] <Elias> 5Megan would hold Alexis up to her father, who would take the child into his arms, Alexis would smile at her father and yawn a little. 14"Who would like to hold her next?"
[02:57] <@Ashes_Darkmare> 4Well with this hilarity follows as Sally, King Max and Queen Alicia would be raising there hands like kids saying 'me, me, me," and it be a fade as this is like a real special moment for the Acorn Family. -fade-

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