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Ashes' Character list

Post  Ashes Darkmare on Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:30 pm

Note: Picture by Zai The Hedgehog

Name: Princess Sally Alicia Acorn ((approved))

Age: 17

hair/furcolor: Dark Auburn hair, Light and Dark brown fur.

appearance: Princess Sally has brown fur (with light brown on the face and torso) as well as short, auburn hair, blue eyes, a short, open blue vest and tall blue boots.

Sally at one point wore a headband but later drop it. For more official functions, she’s often depicted in some form of royal attire, including a heavy blue cape with white trim, scepters, crowns and tiaras, and even an ornate, winged mantle-like piece of gold and red. She has on occasion worn a white wedding gown, a rich purple dress with gold jewelry, and a light green slit skirt with matching sleeveless top and slippers (as well as a pink veil). When longer, her hair was sometimes styled in a fancy ponytail for special occasions.

personality: Sally is often logical and focused with a playful side. She prefers to plan ahead in almost all situations. She often takes the role of a leader, not only in directing and organizing people en masse but also through mediation and offering suggestions or compromises to difficult situations. Her attitude towards her title of princess is one of duty; she loves her people and strives to do the best she can for them. In this she shows passion, bravery and determination, often remaining undeterred by setbacks. While inwardly compassionate, she can often come off as hard and sardonic. Her personal emotions are sometimes less well-controlled, and under some extreme situations she's fallen into turmoil concerning her relationships with others, especially with her father, King Acorn, and Sonic. She cares deeply for her family and was quick to establish connections with her long-lost mother and brother, though her love for her father is sometimes strained as his past, actions and decisions often cause friction with her ideals. In some cases she fostered some feelings of betrayal and jealousy, though she usually recognizes it while she's doing it. As such, she often confides in NICOLE.

Backstory: The daughter of King Maximillian and Queen Alicia Acorn, Sally was born during the Great War. In the first few years of her life, Sally lived carefree, unaware of the conflicts surrounding her. She would often accompany her father to the Floating Island, where she first met Knuckles the Echidna. While King Max and Knuckles' father Locke would go off to discuss matters, Sally and Knuckles would keep each other company, forging a close friendship. However, after Sally's final visit the two would not see one another again for many years.

Back in Mobotropolis, Sally befriended the brash blue hedgehog called Sonic. The two would often play together in the royal palace and cause mischief. As the Great War escalated and Mobotropolis came under siege, Sally, Sonic and most of the other children in the city were evacuated to the safe haven of Knothole Village. During her stay there, Sally's mother and brother Elias, whom Sally had no memory of, were sent to Angel Island to hide during the remainder of the war. Their air craft was shot down however and the two were presumed dead for over a decade.

Sally and Sonic were deeply inspired by the Original Freedom Fighters and their resistance of Dr. Robotnik. Following the defeat and disappearance of the Original Freedom Fighters, Sally forged a pact with Sonic and her friends to continue the fight in their stead. As early as age ten, Sally began leading the Knothole Freedom Fighters in their struggle against Robotnik.

After living in Knothole for some time, Sally's mentor and teacher Julayla grew ill. Sally had a deep respect for Julayla, and was deeply saddened when she died of old age. Before she died, Julayla gave Sally the Acorn Royal Signet and told her she was ready to lead the Freedom Fighters. Julayla also left for Sally a blue vest which she continued to wear for years. Immediately afterward, Sally was sent a "friend" in the form of NICOLE, a sentient compact super computer that originates from an alternative future where Sally is Queen. Feeling that her past self would seriously need a friend, Sally had Rotor design NICOLE and sent her back in time.

The ultimate goal of the Freedom Fighters was to oust the oppressive tyrant Dr. Robotnik and restore the Kingdom of Acorn. Hidden deep within the Great Forest in their rebel headquarters of Knothole, the Freedom Fighters carried out guerrilla attacks on Robotnik's operations. Seeing the Princess as a threat to his control, Robotnik made her capture a top priority. A scheme to replace Sally with a malevolent robotic double nearly worked, with a secondary plan of creating a whole line of robots modeled off of each of the Freedom Fighters lined up. The real Sally uncovered this plot, unmasked the fake Sally, and destroyed the rest of Robotnik's duplicates.

Robotnik later managed to infiltrate Knothole with a duplicate of Sally's father, King Max. The traitorous Freedom Fighter named Drago arranged for Sally's assassination, pinning the blame on Sonic in an elaborate frameup: he had Hershey disguise herself as Sonic (though her mask was built with sensors to make everyone appear as Snively), and she came across Sally and cut her rope, and she fell and was apparently killed by the fall. Robotnik then appeared unexpectedly in Knothole after the fake King Max leaked its location. After arriving at the Freedom Fighters' doorstep and holding them all hostage, Robotnik announced his plan to use the rebel headquarters as a testing ground for his super-weapon, with which he intends to eradicate all non-robotic life on the planet. His "Endgame" scheme is nevertheless foiled by the rebellion, and Robotnik is vaporized during the weapon's backfiring. It is then revealed that the fall had actually rendered Sally comatose, and Sonic managed to revive her.

In the wake of Robotnik's defeat, Sally worked hard to re-establish the old kingdom, beginning with the reclamation of Robotropolis from Snively Kintobor and his DYNAMAC robot. Prior even to that, she made contact with the various other Freedom Fighters across Mobius. She was quick to welcome the remaining Robians back into the fold, refusing to allow them to be separated from the rest of the people. She also welcomed a visit from Knuckles and Julie-Su. The desolate wasteland of Robotropolis was difficult to rebuild, and discrimination against Robians threatened to spark a civil war. Worse, Sally's own father wanted the Robians disassembled, which was later revealed to be a product of Ixis Naugus' efforts to dominate his mind and to claim the kingdom he had been promised by the king in exchange for his help in surviving the Zone of Silence. Together with the other Freedom Fighters, Sally would also contend with the menace of Snively's Eggbots, the cyborg Monkey Khan (whom Sally herself accidentally released from his prison), and even Master Mogul on Angel Island before finally freeing her father from Naugus' grip and restoring him to normal using the Sword of Acorns. Sally was quick to dispatch Sonic and Tails after the fleeing wizard, bidding Sonic a fond farewell before he set out. With her friends wandering Mobius, Sally was treated to a history lesson on her family's history-and the responsibilities of the Source of All-by her father. She was then treated to a rude set of demands from King Max: namely, that she marry Antoine D'Coolette and forget about Sonic. Proving as strong as ever, she refused to give in to her father's orders, even when faced with losing her title, choosing instead to follow her own heart.

Sally's decision to go against her father would have unexpected results, as he locked her out of his new project involving the reformed Royal Secret Service. The arrival of Sonic's birthday redirected her attention, particularly when a satellite motivated meteor shower came down on Mobotropolis at the same time that Sonic made his return with Tails and the Overlander Nate Morgan. Sally received an even greater surprise as the Secret Service returned from a mission to Angel Island with her mother Alicia and brother Elias in tow. Furthermore, Max announced that Elias, not Sally, would take the throne. To make matters worse, Max then announced that the Knothole Freedom Fighters were to be disbanded, with the Secret Service taking on many of their duties. This began after Nate was abducted by a group of escaped convicts, who nearly took out the Freedom Fighters in the process. Sally would then help Sonic in his efforts to save Knothole from a satellite attack.

Following a hijacking of Mobotropolis' television network by a broadcast on Dr. Robotnik and the disappearance of the Robians from Knothole, Sally would lead the Knothole Freedom Fighters on a mission to the satellites. There they would discover the reenslaved Robians, along with their old foe Robo-Robotnik, who had returned to take the place of the original Robotnik. He was destroyed in battle, but through the digital transfer of his mind into a new robotic body, he was able to live on as "Dr. Eggman". For a time, Sally presided over the newly-established Kingdom of Knothole, a haven from Eggman until he too, like Robotnik, learned of its location. Prior to that event, Sally helped plant a virus to prevent him from obtaining the information from his predecessor's files, and also led a mission to Station Square, where the Freedom Fighters helped the human inhabitants deal with the threat of Dr. Eggman and Chaos. They would then face the menace of first Silver Sonic II, and then Metal Sonic before returning home.

Sally and the Freedom Fighters found themselves back in action, joining King Max in an effort to save a kidnapped Elias from Robotnik. They succeeded, only for Max to suffer paralysis-causing wounds, leaving her to watch over him and her mother Alicia as the latter recovered from an operation to awake her from her coma. Alicia soon woke up to the joy of the family, only for Elias to run away, blaming himself for all that had befallen the kingdom and saying the Sally would make a better ruler. In her efforts to return to her former role, she sneaked out of Castle Acorn to help her friends deal with a mad Warlord Kodos, defeating him using the reclaimed Sword of Acorns. Afterwards, she would use the sword to free the Robians of Robotropolis, escaping with them and the Freedom Fighters. Like other inhabitants of Mobius, she was caught up in Chaos Knuckles' attempts to alter history, leaving her in an alternate reality where Robotnik had been defeated before his coup and where she was engaged to Knuckles, but remained close to Sonic. After reality was restored to normal, she and her family were attacked by a reprogrammed Heavy and Bomb, former agents of the Royal Secret Service. Afterwards, she was appointed as an ambassador to Station Square, only for negotiations to be interrupted by the hostile dragon Zan. She and the other Freedom Fighters would then deal with the return of Dr. Robotnik, Hope Kintobor's desire for asylum in Knothole, freeing the Walrus Herd from Dr. Eggman using the Sword, talking with Mina Mongoose about their feelings for Sonic, and facing the threat of nucelar annihilation due to information Sally had provided for Station Square's O.T.I.S. computer.

Sally would then be pursued by the Arachne, children of the late Uma Arachnis, who wished to possess the Sword of Acorns their mother had possessed. Terrified by the Sword's increasing attempts to force a destiny she didn't want upon her, Sally entrusted them with it. She then welcomed a visiting Lupe and the Wolf Pack, helping them convince Uncle Chuck to forgive himself for actions he had committed under Dr. Eggman's control. Later she bid farewell to Geoffrey St. John and Hershey Cat as they set out to find her brother Elias. She would also assist in the training of Mina Mongoose as a Freedom Fighter, and spend quality time with her mother Alicia Acorn in remembering her late mentor Julayla. Later she would help rescue her brother Elias from Eggman's encroachments, meeting her sister-in-law Megan Acorn at the same time. Nack the Weasel and his henchmen would later kidnap her, but she handily escaped them even before Sonic arrived to save her. The two would then admit their love for each other, and Mina would save Sally's life by taking a bullet fired by Nack. Sally and Sonic would then announce their engagement to her parents, only for the alien Xorda to arrive and deliver their deadly ultimatum to the inhabitants of Mobius. After careful research, Sally discovered that the Xorda claims of Mobius having once been Earth were true, and attempted to communicate with them and find a peaceful solution. Rejected, she accompanied Sonic to Eggman's city, where the two of them boarded his Giga-Bot Prime to battle the Xorda, only for it to take them hostage. Escaping, they discovered that the only way to stop the Quantum Dial weapon from destroying Mobius would be to let Sonic sacrifice himself, leading to a tearful farewell between the two.

Now Sally returns to Knothole Kingdom after a few weeks after Xorda, still trying to find Sonic's remains, she not giving up hope even though the pain of lost still lingers in her heart.

powers: Sally powers lie in her leader ship skills and Diplomatic experiences.

skills: Sally has great Leader ship skills and has Diplomatic experiences. She has a good Martial arts background, so she pretty good with hand to hand combat. She not great with it but she can hang in there with another person in a fight. And can operate most vehicles and aircrafts.

weapons: She don't really use weapons unless you can say her hands are weapons.

technology: She uses her palm top NICOLE which has been updated and been able to take the appearances of her AI body, which was a Lynx body, though her form isn't strong enough to stay in her physical form to wonder around in yet and when need to work she returns to her domain in Sally's palm top.
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Re: Ashes' Character list

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Name: Silvia K Flannigan ((Approved))

Age: 28

hair/furcolor: Dark hair

Rank: Colonel

Branch: Marine

Unit: 5th Division, 5th Corps, 24th Brigade, 3rd Ghost Reginment

appearance: Silvia has a very slender figure, dark tone skin, Well endowed and beautiful with ruby red eyes that shine bright red in the sunlight that can give her a powerful and beautiful look to her she normally goes to work dress like one of the officers but only different she would wear her Barret that shows people she is a Colonel of G.U.N and always has her trusty magnum laser hand gun to protect her if worst come to wear. When off duty she normally wears a blouse and jeans with her boots she wears even when in Duty. And depending on if she ever go too dates she might wear something pretty... but that DEPENDS. Also note she wears a pair of fox ears and has a fox tail that sticks out for some reason though no one would ever dare ask those reasons.

personality: She is very out going with her duties which made her become a Colonel she always put herself in the line of danger to protect her home land. She keeps her feelings off the job when a mission must be finish no matter what the situation maybe which is why to people she presents herself as at times cold and a real jerk. She has a sharp mind and very good with speaking out on what she feels be wrong or right and not afraid to punch someone in the face if they say something insulting. Silvia when off job likes to venture to bars and like to get drunk. When Drunk she seem to make a 180 as she becomes playful and seem to let herself be more open then keeping it to herself when around others, Being drunk helps with her stress and get away from the difficulties that is brought to her duties in her job. She also can get aggressive and anger issues that was created through her childhood and she can be very mean but that only happens when you're not on her good side.

backstory: Silvia was raised in Station Square with her grandmother and was born during the Great war against the Mobian's and the Overlanders just prier to them moving off into the city. Silvia live with her grandmother in a nice little home in Station Square urban areas as a place of sanctuary to be able to not worry about the war her parents was in. Much like others lost in the Great War was never to be found again. Silvia had a nice easy going childhood with her Grandma being there to give her sanctuary from the bloodshed that was going on in the Great War, which had her have a very shelter childhood being in her bedroom playing with her toys, be in her own little world. She would collecting stuff animals and dolls most noticeable, her liking for animals including the fox as she had a collection of them to help solace her lonely life as kids would make fun of her.

Eventually Silvia did learn that her mom and dad was executed by heartless mobians and the children would poke fun of Silvia a lot about that and the fact she hated the mobians but loves stuff animals they make fun of her and called her a hypocrite but over all she grown cold of others in the fact people made fun of her all through her school years. At this point she was very tired of it and so she wanted to prove herself and people around her that she was no hypocrite she ended up registering herself into G.U.N on her School Graduation day.

Silvia soon went into hard training for many months pushing herself and not give up and eventually she became an officer of G.U.N. She be patrolling the streets and doing her job and on these jobs she didn't make many friends there at all either. But have gain a few drinking buddies who was fellow officers in G.U.N. She started drinking at 21 after a frustrating day of work helping her loosen up her issues with the help of a few of the G.U.N officers who already drink for a living.

Silvia was involved in the defenses against Dr. Eggman as he invaded Station square with his Robots and as well as that God of Destruction Chaos. Silvia day started off a normal one before this happen she ended up with a squad of men being the only female in the squad at the time, she went into battle. Within her training she actually had a liking of using special rifles with sniper scope use to shoot at long range and it was very useful in this battle as her men was injured. Silvia relentlessly snipe The Eggman robots with her laser rifle staying her ground the Robot's kept coming and if lock had it... on her last bit of ammo. The Robots stop attacking as Dr. Eggman suddenly gave them an order to attack Sonic instead.

If that wasn't worst enough, Silvia had to be involved in the rescuing of people during the Cities flooding that was cause by the monster chaos. A few things that happen in this that changes Silvia a bit in a mental standpoint, one being the fact that she save her grandmother in the flood and the fact she was proud of her granddaughter who was grown up into a woman who was saving lives. And the fact that Mobians ends up being the one saving there city, Silvia didn't know what to say about that, she still don't have much respect for them but would keep it to herself but she wonders to herself of why they save her city... why?

After these events Silvia became one of the more well respected soldiers as she became a major Flannigan becoming more then just a soldier. And Silvia would continue to take her job serious which is why to others they see her as a very cold and selfish jerk. At age 28 she became Colonel of a new Ghost reginment team. And to this day Flannigan would continue with her duties.

powers: Her power lies in using weaponry and her hand to hand combat skills Also has skill in driving mech walkers and piloting fighter planes.

skills: Excellent with her Sniping sharp shooting skills, she not perfect with them though. Great in driving military vehiciles like Mech walkers and Tanks. And has martial skills during her combat training into G.U.N

weapons: magnum hand gun, Sniper rifle, her aircraft the Flame Dragon

technology: The mech walkers she uses are stander for G.U.N for combating against dangerous robots that can't be stop by man power and bullets alone. Her fighter plane the Flame Dragon is use for when she feels the need to go into combat to help her men in air strike battles.
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