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Dello's Character list

Post  Dello on Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:01 am

Bark The Polar Bear

Name:Bark The Polar Bear ((approved))



appearance:- Bark Is an extremely large mobian, assumed to be about 4'6" with light blond or beige fur, very long and muscular arms and short legs.
- Bark is extremely heavy for a mobian, probably around 118lbs.
- Bark, like a few other mobians of note, has a triangle of white fur on his chest.
- Bark has blue eyes.
- Bark's snout, and presumably the rest of his skin, takes a reddish tone.
- Bark has three bangs on his forehead, along with two on each side of his head going down like tendrils, and a very large amount of bunched up bands of hair coming out from behind his head; probably held together at the base by a ring.
- Bark's tail is very short and stubby.
- Red skull cap, with holes cut out for his ears.
- Red and yellow boxing glove-like gloves, held on with two red bands at the wrist.
- Green scarf, often covering his mouth.
- Orange and red snow boots.

personality:Bark is an extremely quiet mobian, he very rarely talks, many people actually just assume he is mute because of this, he really only speaks when his friend Bean is unable to explain or answer himself. Bark is very level-headed, able to make the logical decision in very intense moment's. Bark is a fence jumper when it comes to his alignment, he only sticks with the side that pays him best, and only if he thinks they are the winning side, though he would never betray Bean. Despite being calm, quiet, and level-headed, he is best friends with Bean, who seems to be the only one to understand his silence, as with Bark understanding Bean's near-insanity. Bark is by no means a hero, nor is he a villain, if you got the cash, or the upper-hand, he will help you, making Bark a bit of an opportunist. Somehow, Bark seems to understand Beans cartoonish insanity, though no one else could possibly fathom how he is so off the walls crazy. Even though he is a merc, Bark is not without a little honor, if you do something big for him, like save his life, he will be in your debt until he can return the favor.

backstory:Like his partner, Bean the Dynamite, his past is almost completely unknown. Bark grew up in the alleys of Capital City, where he became involved in a gang once. He was the powerhouse of the gang, where his comrades relied on him to take out their enemies when they're in trouble. However, due to this, the gang became too confident and they did not hesitate to spread their existence to the other gang members. Since Bark had no other allies, he had to go through with this. Three to four gangs - including Bark's - was soon involved in a gang fight, where they all fought against each other to prove who's gang was the best and strongest.

However, Bark's gang hardly did anything and actually purposely let Bark handle all the trouble of fighting himself. Despite this, he decided to fight back against the enemy gang members as well - but suffered defeat later, and he was left alone and beaten while his 'comrades' made their escape. He was blamed for their loss in the battle but was still accepted into the gang since they needed his strength. His gang would then resort to much cheaper and dirtier motives, going as far as to threatening children in the alley. That was where Bark drew the line.

When his gang threatened some children to give them their parents' money, Bark betrayed his comrades by attacking the leader with one punch while the children took this opportunity to escape. Bark was then attacked by the greater numbers of his gang but he was able to fight them off with ease, showing why he was the 'power' factor of the gang. The police soon arrived and while his former comrades were able to make their escape, Bark was arrested for violence and went into prison for a while. Upon his release, he decided to try and look for a better way to earn his means of living - and he joined an illegal fighting tournament, where people fight and bet their money on the street fighters.

Bark won the tournament in the end, using his physical strength to push himself to victory. It was then that he was offered money to take out the former members of a gang that Bark once fought back then, and with no other means of getting money, Bark accepted it - though he didn't expect that he had to partner up with Bean the Dynamite. The two did not like each other at first, but when both of them realized that they both have a passion for destruction, they quickly became allies and later agreed to form a partnership with each other.

Super Strength- Bark has shown amazing feats of strength, rivaling that of Knuckles. Bark has shown he can crush solid rock with little effort and once punched Sonic, who was sent flying at least a few miles.

skills: Strength: Refer to above.

Experienced Extreme Gear Rider: Bark and Bean both have had a fair amount of experience with EG, and have actually shown to be pretty good with them.

Reasoning: Bark has been shown as an opportunist, he knows when he is beat, and will give up, or even turn on his former allies to benefit himself (but never Bean, though he usually follows suit). Bark is able to reason very well despite any amount of pressure, even when locked in the heat of battle with some of Mobius' fiercest fighters.

weapons: His fists



Miles "Tails" Prower: Bark and Tails first met when Tails was searching for a missing Sonic, Brak tried to steal the computer in his plane, after a long fight, Tails may have saved Bark's life. Tails is one of the few people to have ever heard Bark speak, but if this means anything about his feelings towards Tails, is currently unknown.

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Re: Dello's Character list

Post  Dello on Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:07 pm

Name:Prince Elias Acorn ((approved))

Age: 21


appearance:Elias stands slightly above the average Mobian, at about 3' 7" and weighs in at 77 lbs. Elias has thick brown hair, that he usually has slicked back. Elias usually wears a very nice royal blue shirt, presumably the prince's 'official' attire with gold straps all along it, he also wears boots with a slightly lighter tone of blue. Elias has a light brown coat of fur, which becomes beige on his muzzle and at the tip of his tail. Elias does resemble his little sister, they both share the same blue eyes and thick brown hair.

personality:Elias possesses a strong moral sense near equal to his sister Sally's, Elias also has the misfortune of being born with his father's temper. This often gets him into trouble as he makes rash decisions without thinking, but he usually manages to straighten things out. Elias is also rather determined to please his father, and thus seeks any help he can get in trying to prove himself a worthy king to Max despite being told that he must rule as his own heart dictates. Doubting his ability to rule the way his people need him to, Elias is nevertheless stalwart in carrying out his duties.

backstory:Still a toddler when his younger sister Sally was born, Elias accompanied his mother Queen Alicia on a voyage intended to see them to safety from the threat of the Overlanders during the Great War. During the trip, their aircraft was attacked, and upon losing communication with them King Max thought his wife and son dead, and thus began grooming the infant Sally to take over the throne one day instead. In truth, Elias and his mother-and one attendant, Colonel Sommersby-survived, crash landing on Angel Island. Found by the Brotherhood of Guardians, they were taken to the safety of Haven, the Brotherhood's secret facility. For most of his early years, Elias was raised by the Brotherhood, and continued to call Haven home as he journeyed around Angel Island. He would later meet Colonel Sommersby and his wife in residence at the Kingdom of Acorn's royal compound on the island.

With Robotnik Prime defeated, King Max became determined to learn the truth of what had happened to his wife and son. To that end, he dispatched Geoffrey St. John-son of one of the crewmembers who had died protecting Elias and his mother on their voyage-and his newly reformed Royal Secret Service to Angel Island. Elias soon encountered the group, and after they dealt with bizarre weather conditions on Angel Island and with Moritori Rex (who had posed as the Guardian Tobor for years) Elias accompanied them home with his mother.

Getting to know his sister Sally for the first time, Elias quickly formed a deep bond with her, often turning to her for advice. This was especially true after Max decided that his son would be trained to assume the throne as was tradition, which seemed inevitable after Sally refused to merge with the Source of All in the time-honored royal rite of passage. Inexperienced and desperate for help, Elias turned to Geoffrey St. John for advice. Unfortunately, Geoffrey's rather biased decisions against the Freedom Fighters-coupled with a number of near catastrophes brought on by Elias' hesitant rule during a coma of Max's own and only averted by Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters-left Elias feeling unworthy, and in shame he fled Knothole to start a new life elsewhere.

powers:None of mention.

skills:Skilled swordsman- Elias has shown that he is very skilled in swordsmanship, and while he is not Knothole's mightiest warrior, he could most definitely hold his own in a fight. Elias has had some formal training in using a sword, but not enough to be cansidered a mighty warrior, or anything near such a level.

Skilled Woodsman- Elias, during his time as a peasant was a woodsman, gaining much experience in using an axe for both labor and combat. While Elias is good at using an axe, he has never had formal combat training with it, so don't expect him to be amazing with it.

weapons: Saber- Just a standard issue blade, nothing flashy.
Daggers- Elias' weapons of choice, sort of like pick axe, they have proven to be just as good as any other blade time and time again.
Wood Axe- Elias' weapon as a peasant, he'd happily use it still if he ever returned to the throne.

technology: As Elias is currently living as a peasant, he does not have much in the way of technology.

Picture for more accurate attire


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